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The 25 Steps to Living a Life of Impact

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Whether you want to be a world-class entrepreneur or an exceptional parent, The Impact Theory Belief System by Tom Bilyeu is your roadmap to becoming unstoppable 

These are just a few of the #Impactivist beliefsā€¦ 

  • #3 You can do anything you set your mind to, without limitation. 
  • #19 Do that which moves you toward your goals.
  • #12 Failure is temporary. Move quickly beyond it. 
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The Impact Theory Belief System outlines the core concepts that will help you move from a fixed to a growth mindset. These are the 25 principles that transformed Tom Bilyeu from scrounging for coins in his couch to building the enduring billion-dollar brand that is Quest Nutrition. The Belief System will help you unlock your potential and live a life of real impact.

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